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Monthly Change Report

All one-parent, two-parent and child-only benefit groups must complete and submit a Monthly Change Report (MCR) each month. Your monthly assistance payment will not be processed until you submit a completed Monthly Change Report, with all required verification documents attached, and your continued eligibility is determined. To prevent any delay, please answer all questions, attach required verification documents, sign and date the form and return this form by the fifth (5th) day of each month.

Adults included in a benefit group must submit a Work Participation Timesheet form, worksite timecard/timesheet, or other verification by the close of business on the fifth (5th) day of the month. If the fifth (5th) day of the month falls on a weekend, holiday, or authorized office closure day, timesheets/timecards must be received by the next business day.

In order to submit these documents online, you must have an email address.

If you do not have an email address, you can print a PDF version of the MCR form and submit it in person or by mail. Click here for the PDF version.