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What can the DSR do for you?

If you are a parent, the DSR can assist you in:

Developing a plan to become self-reliant for you and your family.

Deciding on a career goal and preparing for a career.

Obtaining services, education, training and work experience so that you can become employed.

Providing a healthy home environment and strengthening family values.

Supportive Service

Supportive Services are available to assist Customers in addressing barriers to their successful participation of authorized Work Participation Activities.

Supportive Services include assisting Customers in paying for:

Worksite related expenses (e.g. uniforms, safety equipment, tools, etc.)

Education related expenses (e.g. books, tuition, school supplies, etc.)

Fees and expenses necessary to obtain and retain employment (e.g. testing, licensure, testing, background checks, etc.)

Transportation related expenses (e.g. fuel, minor vehicle repairs, tires, etc.)

Achievement Awards/Incentives

Educational and employment achievement awards and incentives are available to reward benefit group members, including minor children, who meet established eligibility criteria, including perfect attendance, high academic achievement, graduation, school clothing and supplies, obtaining and maintaining employment.

Monthly Assistance Payments

Monthly assistance payments for basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, utilities, personal hygiene items) may be provided for up to sixty (60) countable months while adult benefit group members prepare for self-reliance. Benefit groups must report any changes in their circumstance timely and have their eligibility redetermined each month.

Work Experience

Based on available employment opportunities within and near the DSR Service Delivery Area (SDA), Customers will be placed with employers to gain skills, job knowledge and work experience in their identified career interest field. The Customers participating will be eligible to receive a stipend payment for expenses related to their participation in the work experience placement.

Customer Development

Training opportunities are provided to DSR Customers, including basic life skills, parenting, substance abuse, domestic violence, motivation, Navajo culture, parenting classes, goal setting, computer usage, self-identity and employment soft skills (e.g. resume writing, interviewing, work ethics, attendance, positive attitude and behavior, etc.).

Adult Subsidized Employment

Adult benefit group members may be placed in Subsidized Employment for up to six (6) month to obtain the job skills, knowledge and experience in their chosen career field in accordance with their Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP) and Education Career Goal (ECG). The Adult Customer is hired by a partner organization through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and all income earned is disregarded in determining eligibility for DSR assistance and benefits.

Youth Subsidized Employment

Youth benefit group members, age 14-18, may be placed in Subsidized Employment during the summer months to gain work experience, exposure to various educational/ career fields, and learn personal and professional work skills.

Adult Extended Training

Adult Customers are placed in short-term vocational training to obtain certification in their chosen career field. Supportive services are provided for expenses related to the extended training, such as tuition, books, uniforms and fees necessary to participate in the extended training program. Once the trainings are completed, Customers are assisted in job placement or, if the Customer wishes to proceed to a degreed program to further their education, assistance is provided to access available resources.

Youth Extended Training

Youth who are interested in participating in a cohort while attending high school are placed in short-term training opportunities. The extended training is designed to be dual enrollment and will foster the Youth’s transition to post-secondary institutions. The purpose of Youth Extended Training is to break the generational cycle of reliance on governmental benefits and enhance the Youth’s knowledge on college application processes.

Adult Basic Education

Adult Customers are provided an opportunity to develop literacy and English-language skills necessary for further education, job training, and employment so they can reach their full potential as family members, productive workers, and citizens.